A LGB garden layout in north Sweden

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Hello LGB-friends.

We would like to show our garden for you.
On a 400 sqm, part of our garden we have a LGB- layout with trains and houses, flowers and bushes, waterfall, figures, cars and a lot more. We live in Vännäs about 600 km north of Stockholm.

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More information about our layout

I have been a model railroader since 1957. On a visit in Germany 1979 I found in a toystore window, a LGB-crocodile .I was lost and bought a starter set. In 1989 I started to dig in the garden , and our neighbours scratched and shook their heads.
Now it has growed to a 400 sq.metres layout with tunnels and bridges .A small pond with a waterfall and fishes was the first project .Now I have 450 metres of track (1500ft.) and over 40 switches and many home built houses .20 locos and over 100 waggons makes the traffic. Everything is fed by a Zimo outfit.

The winter is at our latitude (N 64) cold, long and a lot of snow. Therefore I carry everything inside in the fall and build it up again in the springtime. ( Some find it very peculiar ) I have found that there are less electrical disconnections and less destroying of the houses. It´s not necessary to lay the track exactly like last year. The track is layed loose in fine gravel 4-6 mm (1/4 inch) , and is electrical connected every 5 meters.
It´s layed in three rounds, into a triple eight or separately driven , so called show circuits. New is the wild line with only one station and no more( 80 meters)
Many people call us for a show.

The houses are POLA and PIKO but the most are home built houses from our neighbourhood.
My home station Vännäs is of course there (185 cm (74 in.) ) (I am a locodriver at the big railways ) Other houses comes from the Inlandsbanan and other railway houses that I find interesting to build .There are also our own villa with a garden railroad MärklinZ ,our summerhouse ,grandma`s house , old gas stations, a mill, a farm and a church. Most of it is built from junk and other leftovers from friends an so on. We can get stones and sand and so on for free, that makes things easier

My wife Karin is the gardener. Without her job the layout should be just half. We tried roses an so on but we found that it´s easier to choose flowers that suits here and don´t freeze away in wintertime. There are also a lot of nordic flowers that grows fast and are as beautiful as any "fine" flower . Karin has planted a lot of one-year-plants ( over 2000 every year) so we can also get some odd kinds flowers. I have a cousin in Australia who sent us some seeds that works here.

sv-vann.GIF (4463 bytes)Our layout is the second biggest in Sweden. My friend Kalle i Yxskaftkälen Strömsund also build on his layout. www.lusthuset.se

(Lat N64 is similar to Nome in Alaska)
We answer questions and look forward to tips and ideas on E-mail and Guestbook.

See also other tourist tips in Vännäs http://www.vannas.se/ Most of it is in English and soon it will appear in German
Also look at my swedish page Bildgalleriet, there are pictures from our layout. I hope to get some text under the pictures soon both in English and German. Look also under "Fisken".
I once wrote from a trip to Ånge in the winter 1996, also with pictures.

With pleasure

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LGB-Garden Railway
Karin & Gösta Dahlqvist Vännäs

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Mail us for more information or if you want to ask something dahlqvist@mbox305.swipnet.se

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